A mix of documentary and street photography in a chronology of a particularly personal experience of Zagreb’s post-socialist transformation from an old and charming Central European city with rich history and culture into a faceless, drab center of low-budget tourism, cheap thrills and urban kitsch.


Moments captured in the streets of Zagreb, foggy city mornings and lazy dog afternoons, sometimes unconsciously captured commentaries or my own attitudes, subsequently read in the reality I live and the willingness to accept something I have perhaps not seen completely and immediately at the moment the shutter was triggered.


If a diary is a written record of daily experiences, the night book would then be an visual record of some night time experiences. A record of my aimless wanderings around Zagreb during the night… while some of the exhausted working class souls were sleeping, and others were keeping vigil in the last remains of socialism – visible and invisible – which left these areas formally several years ago.


A long hot summer in Zagreb, the capital of a country which, like a drowning man, struggles in hopelessness and depression of a moral, economic and social crisis. The summer during which I, like many of broke Zagreb residents, substituted my customary seaside summer holidays on the Adriatic coast with the regular visits to the nearby lake Jarun.


A brief statement soon.