Tourist Patrol

Within the popular postmodern sphere of the instant gratification, the individual has developed the consumerist dimension of one’s identity, in which the material values are above and before everything else. The tourism is no exception, because today it has become the largest and fastest growing modern industry, and the modern man, equipped with money and leisure, flying the budget airliners, feverishly follows the prevailing trend of unrestrained tourist consumerism. The mass tourism in the consumerist age is nothing but another instant product, full of aggressive seekers of sun and fun, which ruthlessly penetrate the social structure teeming with renters and caterers who charge heedless towards profit, regardless of the self-destruction and the degradation of their own tourist space. The historic and cultural destinations which the tourists visit are just consumer goods which are gobbled up in a few days, recorded and documented by photographs so that they can be shown on social networks with the basic goal of instigating jealousy and admiration. And all that is forgotten by the next vacation and the new destination.